MidOffice is a "Central Booking Handling Interface" where bookings are received from point of sale channels and processed till the final document delivery to the customer. The system is strongly integrated with Booking Engine and third party tools. An administrative interface is provided to manage various attributes and components.

Product Features

Comprehensive travel management system

  • Centralized fulfillment and processing of bookings from multiple point of sale channels
  • In built Customer Relationship Management
  • User friendly virtual booking card for booking processing
  • Booking Management through various booking queues
  • Comprehensive admin panel for managing the business processes
  • Manage complex sale and purchase rules
  • Define commission and markup for various sales channels
  • Real-time supplier connectivity
  • Direct connect to negotiated inventories
  • Travel desk / Front desk / Call center interface
  • End-to-end automation
  • Auto invoicing and voucher generation
  • Exhaustive Reporting System (Finance and Sales)
  • Integration with third party tools

Automate travel operations, processes, sales and reconciliation

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