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QuadLabs technology consultants are travel domain experts with implementation experience across geographically dispersed customers, our consultants are proficient in solving complex problems and optimizing the way you use your technology. A Gold Certified partner of Microsoft, updated with continuing education program is adapted to keep our specialists at par with current MS technologies in addition to travel domain knowledge.

Using a combination of onsite and offsite consultancy we help optimize your extended IT team and ensure a high level of efficiency. In addition to understanding the end- to- end travel transaction process our team is adept on GDS technologies as well as various other Central Reservation Systems.

"Our consultants have a high proficiency in the travel domain. QuadLabs technology consultants are typically involved with our internal product development processes and enterprise level implementations for our enterprise customers. They undergo an initial travel domain knowledge training followed by continuous development plans and real life exposure to challenging and innovative travel technology software development."

Our Offerings

  • Travel System Procurement
  • Application Development and Conceptualization
  • Technology Implementation
  • Travel Process Automation
  • Database Management
  • Microsoft Technologies

Our technology consultants can manage the complete software development life-cycle of large and complex projects

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