Razoom is a B2B platform that helps the tour operator to manage his business more efficiently and brings more customers to the front door. Razoom has base office in Rio De Janeiro - Brazil, one of the top travel destinations of the world and host for the Olympics 2016.

Razoom product has two main components: (i) Razoom Pro, a pack of tools that helps the tour operator to manage the availably of his tours, check the tours agenda at a glance and receive payments online, through our integrated payment solution; and (ii) Razoom Tour API, that brings together information about the best tours registered on our platform, with description, pictures, prices and real time availably.

With this two components Razoom becomes a complete solution for the tour operator, once we help him to organize his business and find new customers online, and a tool of great value to the market, with information of the best tours available 100% online.

With Razoom there is no more need of entering dozen of websites do find tours and exchange a lot of emails with tour operators. Now, travelers will be able to book flights, hotel and tours online!


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Why Razoom

Razoom provide a very easy-to-use saas platform for the tour operator. With Razoom, he will be able to check all his tour agenda at a glance, manage the availably of his tours and receive payments online.

Moreover, one of the biggest problems for the tour operators is visibility, Razoom solve it too. Razoom Tours API will connect the best tour operators and his tours with a huge and worldwide distribution network, composed by top travel websites, e-commerces and OTAs.


For More Details www.razoom.com.br

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