The company was founded in June of 2000, the Group of Hajj and Umrah services – Mashaer.

Mashaer for Hajj and Umrah Services – provide the best services to its customers, where they book all levels of hotels in Saudi Arabia, especially in Mecca and Medina, with a focus on the five-star level with special reception at the airport, Transportation services, luxurious and comfortable accommodation and car, buses leasing and the provision of all services.

Mashaer for Hajj and Umrah Services conduct unique campaigns to the pilgrims of the type of VVIP which is the transfer of pilgrims planes, private and comfortable and across the buses, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, note that the “Mashaer” have been prepared for the pilgrims best high-end services ranging from providing and distinctive luxury accommodation overlooking the Kaaba and Haram Al-Sharif and access to better services in the areas of the holy places in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah.


Expertize in

  • Hotel Reservation for Haj (Pilgrimage) & Haj (Umrah)
  • Leasing Private Jets
  • Special Services for VIPS
  • Reception services at Airports

Why Mashaer

Keen knowledge of Hajj & Umrah service has helped Mashaer to develop a solution that answers the needs of your clients and cater Hajj & Umrah hotels to your clients, these solutions will allow you:

Get an update on hotel and services rates

Competitive rates

Increase your productivity.

Reduce operation cost.

Increase customer satisfaction.


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