Oman Air

Oman Air (Arabic: الطيران العماني) is the national airline of Oman. Based at Muscat International Airport in Seeb, Muscat, it operates domestic and international passenger services, as well as regional air taxi and charter flights. Oman Air IATA NDC Direct Connect Solution is an IATA NDC aligned, innovative solution which allows our distribution partners (Travel Management Companies, Travel Agents, OTA's, Meta Search Engines and Corporates) to directly connect to Oman Air's host reservation system; providing access to availability, pricing, shopping and ticketing plus facilitating ancillary sales and more.

The Oman Air IATA NDC Direct Connect Solution uses industry-standard XML messaging. Through Oman Air IATA NDC Direct Connect Solution, our distribution partners will have access to Product Differentiation, Merchandizing & Personalization and Dynamic Offers & Bundling. Unlike the traditional distribution channels, any Agent or OTA integrated with Oman Air NDC Direct Connect Solution will be using Oman Air Ticket Document. All NDC connectivity will have the complete Order and Offer Management services-right from search, compare, ticket, issuance of Electronic Miscellaneous Document for air and non-air ancillary services and after sales service.

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