Forerez is the B2B product for Travel Agents which will change the way you book online Hotels &Services. offers best rates and availability from among numerous hotel suppliers in each destination, giving travel agents access to most competitive rates in the market. has various leisure products available like hotels, sightseeing, transfers, packages, and car-rentals with instant confirmation.


Expertize in

  • B2B hotel distributor
  • Sightseeing
  • Transfers

Why Forerez

Travel Agents Benefits

Credit limit.

Better rates.

Self-creation of Voucher, Invoices, Receipt and Credit forward to sub agents.

Access to Accounting reports.

Better package deals.

Credit agents get to create Sub-Agents having your own markups.

Offers are available.

Further you can convert your login type from Travel Agent to wholesaler by that you get all services at very low prices and much more offers.

Product management

Technical development

Sales and marketing


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