Cobre Bem Tecnologia

Cobre Bem Tecnologia is one of the leaders in the Brazilian standardized payment method solutions market, and the first service provider in Brazil to reach 100% PCI DSS compliance, an international security standard. They have been working in LATAM e-Business for 18 years, a testimony to our extensive expertise in this market.

One of their main products is Payment Gateway, Aprova Facil, which is integrated with several payment methods in Brasil and LATAM, used by over 2000 clients.


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Why Cobre Bem

Cobre Bem Tecnologia, a company that has been operating for 19 years in the standard solutions market in means of payment and is a leader in its segment in both the criterion amount of automated transactions and in financial volume traded, won for 6 consecutive years 100% compliance the largest safety program Card Industry information, the PCI DSS.

The Data Security Standard (DSS) Payment Card Industry (PCI) was developed to encourage and enhance the security of cardholder data and facilitate the broad adoption of data security measures consistent worldwide.


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