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ZIIS has the Complete Solutions that fulfills your organization’s IT needs. Today’s corporate battles are fought in boardroom, with the help of information, where the strategic edge is more on the swift availability of precise information to the top management. If being the pack leader is your goal, then ZIIS has the solution your company was dreaming of.

Zamiliis, from the famous and world-renowned Zamil Group has gained the reputation of providing some of the best services and solutions in varied sectors like IT, ERP, Telecom, Low Current and Electrical. They follow the client-centric model that makes provision for focus, commitment as well as a dedicated team for helping the clients in achieving their business objectives. For employees and consultants, they offer an enriching experience through which lifelong learning and career growth is promoted.


Expertize in

  • IT Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Infrastructure Services


Customer Centric, Being dedicated to clients, they provide them with world-class solutions. For them, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Experienced Professions, With Zamiliis, you are not just hiring a business solution provider, but partnering with EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS who are known for exceeding the expectations, rather than just meeting them.

Care for your Business, Zamiliis take genuine and sincere interest in helping your company grow and reach its potential. With their solutions, your business gets a clear road map for increasing employee morale, overall communication, efficiency and productivity,

Committed to Quality, Zamiliis don’t give you anything less than BEST. They have worked hard to find suitable ways through which quality solutions are provided to clients.



With over 100s of professionals, Zamiliis offers cost-effective and comprehensive services. Quality resources are provided to small, medium and large companies to meet talent needs through Vendor management programs, placement services and integration systems. Being an efficient service provider, ZIIS is known for its streamlined execution and exceptional talent management that is beyond traditional services.

Infrastructure Services
IT Services
Electrical System
Low Current System
Enterprise Solutions


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